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1. Poverty levels are reduced when we remove Beneficiaries from informal camp settlements.

3. Good Health & Well-Being from having a new home, new environment, & new assets.

5. Gender Equality - we do not discriminate, every man, woman & child deserves a home.

6. Clean Water & Sanitation is obtainable through our independent water & septic tanks.

7. Affordable & Clean Energy is produced from our 5KW Off-Grid Solar Power Systems.

9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure are our core goals while designing new communities.

10. Reduce Inequalities by constructing then fitting out each home with identical products.

11. Sustainable Cities & Communities are delivered with our Off-Grid homes.

12. Responsible Consumption & Production was a focus to make our homes affordable to run.

13. Climate Action by reducing our carbon footprint with the consumption of fossil fuels.

15. Life On Land was a focus when designing garden space for production of foods.

17. Partnerships For The Goals is undertaken everyday with manufactures & the Governments.

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