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Carbon Credit Offsets

We recognise that the transition to a net zero emission world will require a mix of short, medium and long-term solutions. By collaborating with our customers on their decarbonisation goals, we can help them achieve their carbon emission reduction goals through our 100% Off-Grid (Self Reliant) Modular Homes.

Each of Modular Homes comes complete with our 5-kilowatt solar system, which is around the average residential installation size used in Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States, these will produce roughly 150,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of emissions-free electricity in its lifetime. That’s equivalent to 103 metric Tonnes of CO2 (eg: 103 carbon offsets!) per Modular Home (remembering we have 2 million already under contract).

Let's compare Solar Power vs Fossil Fuel Produced Power (electricity & gas):

solar vs fossil fuels.png

Knowing that our Modular Homes are producing power 100% free of charge from the sun, and producing zero carbon emissions, this has made our project eligible to issue Carbon Credit Offsets.

These Carbon Credit Offsets we will sell to the larger producing companies that cannot reduce their emissions, so in fact they will become official HAF Modular Home Sponsors.

100% of these proceeds will be spent on installing more Modular Homes (Globally) with Zero Administration Fees!

net zero carbon.png

Currently HAF Modular Home are in the process of having our Humanitarian Relief Project evaluated and accredited so we can issue and sell Carbon Credits, a certificate that permits a company to emit one Tonne of CO2 or other greenhouse gases (GHG) - Note: There is a quota within the schemes so businesses cannot emit unlimited GHGs into the atmosphere.

In return we believe these companies should be recognised for their choice to help support our Humanitarian Relief project, so we are offering our full Platinum Corporate Sponsorship Package:

This Package contains:


  • 10,000 Flyers (A6 Paper Size)

  • 2 x Large Tear Drop Flags (78cm x 480cm)

  • 2 x Large Pull Up Banners (85cm x 200cm)

  • 1 x Vinyl Outdoor Banner (150cm x 300cm)

Complete branding for their business at every convention, award ceremony, new community opening ceremony’s (globally), and all media interviews.   (Total promotional time depends on size of Carbon Offsets secured)

Click the PDF to download this offer.

Please Note: This option is still under development and is not open to the Public as of 21st day of August 2023.

We will notify you on this webpage once it is available.

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